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A BIG KUDOS to our 'SMART' Students! 

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SPM Mock Exam: Mathematics grade D

SPM Examination Result: Mathematics grade A

We are glad and excited that Shu Ming has obtained an A in Mathematics in the recent SPM exam, after 3 months (8th Aug 2016 - 13th Nov 2016) of tutoring at our centre. Prior to that, she only managed to get a D in her school Mock exam! Shu Ming got to know about us through recommendation from one of our student's parent. Knowing the philosophy at our centre is to nurture and promote Mathematics, she came to us with a special request to learn and master this subject. Good job and Well Done, Shu Ming!


We are happy to announce that our recent graduate, Chan Hui Xain (PGCS) has scored a "B" in her PT3 examination (joined SMART in NOV 2016). A huge improvement and hard work that she has put in, from an F in both her form 1 and form 2 Maths towards a "B" in her PT3 examination (Oct 2017)

Well done Hui Xain.

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