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Frequently Asked Questions

02/ How long is the duration of each class?

Our tutors are Cambridge syllabus trained and have undergone the professional Cambridge development courses. Our tutors are selected  based on their expertise in the subjects of their fields with more than 5 years of teaching experience in the respected university. Click HERE for more information about our tutors.

Our classes lasted for a total of 90 minutes (1.5hr). The first hour will be mainly lecture focused meaning that our tutors will teach and notes will be distributed in the class. The other half an hour will be mainly tutorial session. Students will be asked to particupate in quizzes, and group discussion. Research on attention has shown that students’ attention is constantly shuttling between what they are experiencing externally and internally. Therefore, we have designed our classes to be a mini-lectures  class activities.

03/  Who are our tutors?
04/  How do I get a tutor?

Our tutors can assist with studying, examination preperation and homework help in Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.  Students can visit the centre to get to know the tutors, they can email us to enquire about the tutors or they visit our website under subject schedule for the tutor in charge of the particular subject. 

There will not be any specific time period to work with a tutor. If the students find that they have acquire enough knowledge and ready for their final examination, they may stop the session with the tutor. However, if they need more session, they may always talk to the tutor or EMAIL us for more sessions.

07/  What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?

If a student is unable to make it for a class, he/she should inform the centre at least 24 hours in advance to schedule for a make-up lesson in place of the class he/she would miss. All cancellation and changes to the schedule should be made to the Administration Department via phone call  at +6011 2080 0338 or via email @

05/  What happen if my child misses a lesson?
01/  How does SMART TuTor works?

SMART TuTor Learning Mine is not just a tutorial service provider. Our study framework emphasizes on working with our students to map out their goals by completing a series of self evaluation quesions. Next, by understanding that each student is different by nature, we have designed several tutoring programs that suit their needs. Our tutors will start coaching, guiding and encouraging students to think critically by applying real life examples. We also believe that there is no one right answer, therefore students are encouraged to think creatively. We have also prepared a series of practice examination papers and worked examples to train the student in answering them. Lastly, we will impart the right examination strategies to help student in scoring for good results in their examinations. In summary, we trained our students to be independent thinkers with great determination to complete tasks given to them, preparing them to face the challenges of tomorrow.

03/  What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?
Cambridge Final Exam Timetable June 2016
SMART TuTor Class Policies
08/  How are payments made?

Fees are to be collected in bundles of 4, 8, or 12 sessions in advance or in the beginning of first week of the new month. There is also a registration fee of $30 upon signing up for the classes. We will also offer a trial session with the tutor prior to signing up for the bundle tuition packages. For further clarifications, you may contact us HERE.

09/  Would there be any classes on Public Holidays?

Classes will resume as normal until further notice

06/  Are the class conducted in group?

We offer individual and group tuition. Please call or drop us an EMAIL to enquire for the class schedule. Student in individual or group tuition will have to travel to our centre for the class.

SMART Tutor Class Fees
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