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SMART Tutor Learning Programs

SMART Tutor  offers Cambridge Mathematics and Science syllabus-focused tutoring programs to prepare students for their Cambridge International Examintations (CIE). We assist our students by going back to the foundation and filling in the missing conceptual gaps that hinder their success. We use a variety of well-known books and educational materials to supplement our customized programs, but primarily, we leverage the curriculum and text the student is currently working with to ensure the most relevant tutoring is provided. In addition, we also believe helping student to set their goals and achieving them.
Weekly Tuition
Exam Preparation
Individual Candidacy
Boot Camp
Weekly Tuition
Individual Candidacy
Boot Camp
Exam Prep

This course is designed specially for student who will be sitting for examination in the near term. Student will be exposed to topical and past-yearly series of examination questions as the lessons are exam-focused with examination techniques emphasis. 

Syllabus (Additional Mathematics)
Syllabus (Physics/Chemistry)

• Set language and notation

• Functions/Quadratic functions​

• Trigonometry/Analysis/Pre-calculus

• Binomial expansions

• Circular measure

• Straight line graphs

• Permutations and combinations

• Forces and Motion

• Electricity

• Waves

• Energy Resources and Energy Transfer

• Solids, Liquids and Gases

• Magnetism and Electromagnetism

• Radioactivity and Particles

• Principles of Chemistry
• Chemistry of the Elements
• Organic Chemistry
• Physical Chemistry
• Chemistry in Society
• Investigative Skills

• Physics (0625) - iGCSE

• Chemistry (0620) - iGCSE

• Combined Science (0653) - iGCSE

• Chemistry (5070) - GCE 'O' Level

• Combined Science (5129) - GCE 'O' Level

• Physics (5054) - GCE 'O' Level

• Addtional Mathematics (0606) - iGCSE

• Mathematics (0580) - iGCSE

• Additional Mathematics (4037) - GCE 'O' Level

• Mathematics D (4024) - GCE 'O' Level


Cambridge IGCSE/GCE 'O' Level Mathematics
Cambridge IGCSE/GCE 'O' Level Science
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