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SMART TuTor encourages evaluation through self assessment because it makes the students active participants in their education (Sloan, 1996). There are a variety of ways for teachers to provide the students with self-assessments. Research suggests that the simplest tools to encourage student self-assessment are evaluative questions that force students to think about their work. We do this by asking student to fill out self-evaluation forms, journalizing, taking tests, writing revisions of work, asking questions, and through discussions and feedback system. When students evaluate themselves, they are assessing what they know, do not know, and what they would like to know. They begin to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses. They become more familiar with their own beliefs, and possibly their misconceptions. After self-evaluation, they will be able to set goals that they feel they can attain with the new knowledge they have about themselves.

Much of the material used to educate students at grade levels beyond primary school is largely text and lecture based, which have significant limitations. While reading is a very important learning mode, not all students learn effectively from reading. Some students respond better to visual and audio stimuli of lecture but often get lost in the material or lose interest in the presentation. In this type of a learning environment, students have limited opportunity to ask questions or may be uncomfortable asking a question in front of the class. It is well known that many questions go unasked. SMART Tutor Learning Centre has carefully designed teaching materials to cater of our student's need. We do not believe in only one right answer to a solution.  The Constructivist Learning Theory states that learning is an active process of creating meaning from different experiences. In other words, students will learn best by by trying to make sense of something on their own with the teacher as a guide to help them along the way. We have also prepared a series of guided examination papers and study tips to help our student to excel in their examinations.

The effectiveness of an education program can often be improved when appropriate goals are set in place by the teachers and students. Our centre focuses on helping our students set their learning goals because when the students have a role in forming the goals, they will feel more ownership and accountability towards the goals. The Goal Setting Board in the classroom will serve as a visual reminder of the commitment they have made. Secondly, though discipline is probably the most difficult and unpleasant part in a student's life. In our centre, Effective Disciplinary System is practiced. This is done through emphasize correcting the problem rather that distributing punishment as this will incur increasingly serious consequences if the problem is not resolved. Also, we help to maintain the student's self-esteem and dignity. Lastly, our materials are designed to help students to develop the ability to apply problem-solving skills when faced with questions or problems that are new to them. The development and use of problem-solving skills also improves learning and their performance during the examinations. Our students will be able to first identify the problem, next analyze the problem and gather information from the questions given, then generate potential solutions and finally selecting the correct solution to the problems.

It is well known that different student has different learning styles that work best for them. Our centre recognised this and adopt a variety of learning styles in our teaching programs. We also encourage students to understand their preferred learning style as they complete their studies. By the time students reach the college level it is often assumed that they have figured out the best and most productive way to study to retain information. We have designed our materials in a logical sequential and conducted our  delineated lesson that provides the objective and systematic steps to do the assignment. Some students benefit greatly from group activities and other do not. For those who are peer learners, we encourage them to join our weekly group tuition where they can participate in group discussion. For those who are self learners, we have individual weekly tuition where they can have private moment with our tutors. Cooperative learning is an important learning tool but some students are more introverted than others and may have difficulty participating in group activities. Some students learn best by listening. Auditory learners do well with lecture, class discussions, etc. We are on the way to build up our audio media to enchance our students listening skills. Lastly, some students are visual learners. Thus, we have prepared our materials to be graphically understandable. 

Private Candidates

Currently, if you do not attend a Cambridge school, you are still elligible to sit for the exam as a private candidate. 

SMART TuTor will assist you with your exam registration. However, YOU are responsible for making your own transportation arrangements to reach the exam hall in a timely manner for the exam, not with SMART TuTor itself. If you have any exam-related queries, such as special arrangements, do let us know a month earlier. 

Some syllabuses or options are not available to private candidates, and this is detailed in the specific syllabus under the ‘availability’ heading. 


March 29, 2016

Examinations Preparation and Strategies
Proven Success through Self Evaluation
Different Students Require Different
Approaches to Learning
Individualized, Customized ​Learning 
In The News
Cambridge IGCSE Results Statistics

Cambridge has published the IGCSE 2016 results for each examination examination series and recorded them a statistical table. Here are results statistics for the most recent examination series.


September, 2016

A Guaranteed Fast-Track Pathway to Top Universities
Competition for places at the leading universities has been rising and more intense. Applicants not only required to have a string of excellent exam results, but also demonstrating a passionate curiosity about your chosen subject and the ability to think and work independently. It is important to plan for the right subjects to sit for the examination to be enroll for a year fast track program in some of the top universities.

March 20, 2016

SMART TuTor Study Framework

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Step 2:

Interactive Learning, Coaching

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Guided Exam Paper Practice, Study tips​

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Progressive Parents Feedback System

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Examination Strategies

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